Day By Day

Faith is a senior in high school with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She lives at home with her mom and twin sister, but Faith has to fend for herself. Her mother neglects her to the point of Faith needing to provide her own food and daily needs.
With no one at home paying attention, Faith rarely goes to school more than three days a week. She’s in a special program to help her make up credits because she’s not on track to graduate. 
Growing up in this environment has created so much hurt in Faith’s heart. She struggles with low self-esteem and depression. Faith doesn’t have any hope for her future; she doesn’t think she could ever find success. 
Two Youth For Christ leaders met Faith at an outreach activity in her neighborhood four years ago. The leaders invited her to their weekly Bible study, and Faith began showing up! 
At first, Faith shared about how she believed in Jesus, but she doesn’t understand what that means for her day-to-day life. She understood very little of the Bible, but the study served to teach her little-by-little. 
When the local YFC outreach and service center opened, Faith and her sister showed up every day that it was open. She came for the meals, but she also came to build deeper relationships with the staff and volunteers at the center. Through that daily, intentional interaction with Faith, leaders were able to invest in her life in a meaningful way. 
Today, they continue to speak into Faith’s life the message of hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and she’s growing day by day. 

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