Defeating Doubt

Doubt is difficult.

As a believer called to be an instrument for God, doubt can be detrimental to our ministry.

Fortunately, God is able to work through our doubts.

As a Latin-American woman in her mid-twenties living in a predominantly low-income, Latino neighborhood, Vasti felt God pushing her to seek out a job doing local ministry.

But doubt set in when her interviews didn’t pan out.

She continued working multiple jobs to make ends meet in the high cost of living in the Pacific Northwest, fighting her doubt about her calling along the way. Regardless, Vasti kept her eyes open for ministry opportunities in her community. Eventually Youth For Christ reached out to her based on a referral from her pastor.

YFC desired to start a Youth For Christ City Life group in her area of Washington, and needed volunteers to run it. A local church right next to a low-income apartment complex, had agreed to let them use the building once a week to welcome the neighborhood kids in for snacks, games, and bible teaching.

About six months in, the new group definitely had its ups and downs. As a fluent Spanish speaker, Vasti had a great avenue that allowed her to build trust with kids and families that are often reluctant to let people in. However, attendance was often low and inconsistent with the kids in the group, and much of the time it was difficult to see if the group was having any impact.

Doubt started to creep back in to Vasti’s mind.

She asked herself if her work was even making a difference…

Were the kids, the families, the community experiencing any benefits from their work of the Gospel?

Was there any reason to keep showing up?

One week, things were particularly difficult leading up to YFC City Life group. Vasti was running late. Volunteers had canceled or were also running late.

Doubts upon doubts rushed through Vasti’s mind.

What would happen if kids showed up and left because she wasn’t there?

How long before the kids doubt her commitment to the ministry? To them?

However, when she arrived, Vasti’s doubts dissolved in an instant.

She walked in to see the games out, the snacks set up, basketballs, ping pong tables, and foosball tables out. Everything had been set up the way they had been set up each week… with one exception.

Some fresh flowers were in a vase on the table.

While still processing what she was seeing, two of the group’s most difficult kids, Ruiz and Josue, walked up and explained. They had freshly picked the flowers from an outdoor garden in appreciation for Vasti’s hard work.

Vasti, with tears in her eyes, was overwhelmed with relief and joy.

Ruiz and Josue had decided that what was happening with YFC City Life was vital to their neighborhood. So they took matters into their own hands to make sure the group happened whether the volunteers were there or not.

God helped to relieve Vasti of her doubts so that she could see that the Spirit was moving. All she had to do was show up.

The Gospel replaces doubt with hope.

Even when it seems too hopeless or too difficult to continue the work.

Even when we think our ministry efforts aren’t making a difference.

We are reminded that when God calls us, all we need to do is show up – He will do the work.

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