Don’t Give Up

Anna is one of those kids who dives in one hundred percent as soon as she sees something she likes. And Campus Life, one of Youth For Christ’s strategic ministry models, is her latest obsession.

Last fall, one of Anna’s friends invited her to a party with her YFC chapter, an evening full of games, getting to know each other, and an intense scavenger hunt. Anna had the time of her life. From this first exposure to YFC, she loved it.

Megan, one of the YFC staff who connected with Anna at the party and helped lead their group to victory during the scavenger hunt, texted her the next day, — “Hope you can make it next week to Campus Life!”

Anna eagerly replied, “I loved it, and I can’t wait to come back.”

She came back every single week. When Megan invited her to stop by her house anytime and hang out, Anna jumped on the opportunity! In fact, Anna got to know all the leaders and would meet at a coffee shop for one-on-one time with them. 

Between all the fun and games, though, Anna wasn’t sure about Jesus. She had a lot of questions and doubts.

Often times, students begin a real relationship with Jesus during a YFC trip. Megan was so excited for Anna to go on a spring break trip with their chapter, hoping this would be the week Anna would meet Jesus. But instead, Anna left with even more questions. The exact same thing happened just a few months later at a YFC camp.

Today, Anna still has more questions than answers. Thankfully, she is surrounded by a group of loving YFC leaders who are ready to talk - leaders who care for her and are praying that God takes hold of her heart.

Will you join YFC leaders across the country in prayer for Anna and for countless other kids like her? Sometimes, hearts are slowly transformed, so we trust God for His perfect plan in their lives. 

We are forever grateful for your gifts, time, and prayers. Thank you! 

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