Eternally Thankful – The Impact of Not Giving Up

Eternally Thankful – The Impact of Not Giving Up

How do you know if your investment makes a difference? How do you know that your words will have an eternal impact?

Recently I had the sad yet joyous occasion of attending the memorial service of a former YFC kid, Mike. And what a service it was. There were hundreds in attendance as we celebrated a life well lived, a life sold out to Christ and service to others.

All who were there spoke of Mike’s love of God’s Word and the tremendous impact he had on others.

What an incredible legacy.

And yet the early years of Mike’s life were humble and challenging.

I first met Mike when he was 12 years old, living in the projects. Over the years Mike liked to tell the story of when I started hanging out in his neighborhood, or as he referred to it, ‘the hood’.

“As Wayne would be walking up to our front door I’d be slipping out the backdoor,” Mike would say, “but he just kept coming back – he didn’t give up.”

Over time, Mike stopped slipping out the backdoor and became active in YFC camps, retreats, clubs, and activities. As his involvement in YFC increased, his relationships deepened. He was constantly hearing stories about Jesus.

During the turbulent and impressionable years of junior high, Mike, while wavering at times, eventually committed his life to Christ.

The investment of countless people in Mike’s life, as well as his involvement with Youth For Christ, significantly impacted his decision to engage in a lifelong journey of following Jesus.

There were so many people who didn’t give up on him – and this made all the difference.

Mike was eternally thankful that we didn’t give up on him. God used our persistence as a key part of Mike’s salvation journey.

You may perceive your role as minor – just praying, or just giving financially, or just investing in one person, but all are a vital part of the spiritual formation that occurs in the life of a kid.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9

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