Finding the Light

When Diego’s mom married a verbally and physically abusive drug dealer, his world turned upside-down. At just 13 years old, he fell into a lifestyle of crime and repeatedly spent time in juvenile detention.

At age 16, light shone into Diego’s life for the first time. A YFC volunteer faithfully served at his detention center and shared the gospel of Jesus with him. Realizing there was hope for his future, Diego asked Christ into his heart.

Obeying God from that point on was no easy task, but Diego held fast to the joy he felt in Christ’s forgiveness.

Years later, Diego shared his testimony in a class at his Christian college. Afterward, his professor quizzed him about the YFC volunteer who reached out to him at the detention center.

“I think I know the man who told you about Jesus,” his professor said. “Jeff is actually a friend of mine.”

A few weeks later, Diego had the privilege of reconnecting with the man who had impacted his life so tremendously years earlier. Although separated by years, the two men are bound by what Diego considers a life-saving connection.

Jeff still volunteers with YFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry, and he invited Diego to share his story with teens in the midst of darkness. Now, Diego serves as a YFC intern ministering weekly to youth in a juvenile residential program.

In a world of loss and hopelessness, God is raising up warriors to battle the darkness. Diego is one of those warriors. The statistics are staggering and the odds are stacked against many in America’s cities and towns, but God is using volunteers like Jeff and Diego to reach kids who might not otherwise find the hope and peace God gives.

Please pray for God to raise up more and more volunteer warriors for the kingdom through YFC’s Juvenile Justice Ministry.

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