I Am Hopeful

What a gift it is to celebrate God turning the hearts of those He has put in our lives!

Often times, though, there are countless difficult moments we share with them along the journey. Sometimes, the weight and burden of people’s stories can tempt us to be less hopeful, to invest less time and prayer, or even give up. Thankfully, we have a God who is faithful, with a plan that is much bigger than we can imagine.

Darnell has every reason to not trust people. He has every reason to believe that no one cares about him. He has every reason to believe that he has no reason to believe… In fact, the first time I heard about Darnell, I was told in no uncertain terms, “His life is chaos. He attracts chaos. He creates chaos.”

Since Darnell’s mother relinquished him to his grandma when he was only three months old, he bounced around relatives, group homes, and youth facilities. Now, only three months into his freshman year, he had a meeting scheduled with his social worker, his teachers, administrators, and coaches to discuss his need for a big change. He had been in nearly constant trouble at school and home, so much so that he was in his fourth living situation of the school year by October.

Things had become desperate to the point that his principal called me, the Director of Youth For Christ Campus Life, to see if I would join Darnell’s team. Even without fully understanding what was behind the gospel work YFC does at Bloomington South, the principal knew we were just the people to advocate for a young man like Darnell.

This story doesn’t have a bow on it just yet. I can’t tell you that we have reached that mountain top moment of a life-changing salvation… but I can tell you I am hopeful. He played football this season, he is still in school, and he is working to stay there. One of our assistant coaches not only drives him to and from practice, but he also takes Darnell to YFC meetings every week.

God is good, God is faithful, and God is on Darnell’s team, too. 

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