“I found God this summer.”

“I found God this summer.”

“I found God this summer.”

Did I hear him correctly? He “found God?”

He continued to share what had happened, not only over the summer, but also throughout his life leading up to this point.

The previous school year had been exceptionally tough. He shared that he had actually considered suicide because it was so unpleasant and hopeless.

This was not a kid you would think had experienced such darkness, hopelessness, and confusion. But as he continued, the pieces started to fit together.

Throughout the last school year, he would ask some “off the wall” questions. At times they were difficult to answer or even make sense of. He was never rude or disruptive when he asked questions. He was just trying to understand why he was struggling with life.

Finally, one day he told me:

“I realized something was missing in my life.”

As his analytical personality had worked to make sense of the chaos, he finally got it.

He needed Jesus!

Over the next few weeks he asked questions about the Bible, baptism, and prayer. But what happened during a game of Uno really answered any questions I had about him and his newfound faith.

The discussion turned to the trouble a friend was in with a romantic interest. In the midst of all the trouble this friend was in, he shared how God was the only one who could help, how he had been praying for this friend, and how he had offered him gifts of a cross necklace and a Bible.

“I know that feeling of hopelessness,” he said, “and I know that only God can give that hope.”

Whether we are answering “off the wall” questions, playing a game of Uno, engaging in conversations over a game of pool, showing up at a football game, or presenting the plan of salvation, God uses even the ordinary moments to plant seeds in the lives of our students.

And as we engage these kids, we are privileged to witness miracles as they find God, or more accurately, as they are found by God.

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