I Got You Covered

I first met Bubba after a game of tag football in our community, when I invited him to have some pizza with us. In just a few moments Bubba, 6’5” tall and all 300lbs of him, was standing in front of me! He gave only one-word answers, but I learned he was a sophomore at the high school down the street, played football, would like to go to summer camp, and was definitely hungry and thirsty.

About six weeks later, with camp recruiting in full swing, I texted Bubba to see if he was still interested in going to YFC Camp with us. He had watched the camp video and read our flyer, but he said he didn’t have any money. I texted back, “I got you covered.”

He was waiting for us at the YFC teen center the day we were leaving for camp with just a simple duffle bag of bare necessities and an unopened package of plain t-shirts he had purchased from Walmart. He still wasn’t very talkative and didn’t smile, but I just sensed that God was going to do something in his heart that week.

Throughout the week at camp, Bubba began to open up more during cabin time each day. He shared pieces of his story… about being in foster care, about being abused and abandoned by his parents, about how he used to tell himself that one day he’d get adopted like all the other kids in the group home, God was just saving the best for last. But one day he stopped believing that, and he felt like he really wasn’t worth anything to anyone.

The night the gospel was shared, Bubba came back into the cabin, walked over to his bunk bed, covered his face with his pillow and started to shake as he sobbed. He said that if God really loved him, he wouldn’t have let him be alone and abused and unloved.

But God wasn’t done with him yet!

The next night during worship, Bubba said “yes” to Jesus and, with a big smile on his face, told everyone in the cabin during cabin time.

Since returning from camp, life for Bubba hasn’t been any easier. His dad refused to buy him school supplies or clothes. So, just a couple weeks ago we took him to eat at Chick-Fil-A and told him that we’re going to take him shopping! He couldn’t stop smiling! It’s no small miracle that we were able to find two pairs of size 17 sneakers, and it’s no small miracle that Bubba talks A LOT now, smiles constantly, and went to youth group with us for the first time last week. Bubba found hope! He found Jesus…

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