Jasmine’s Story - Part 1

Jasmine’s Story - Part 1

Jasmine’s young life has been full of pain.

She comes from a very low-income, very broken family. Her brother is verbally abusive to Jasmine and her mom, but nobody has stepped in to help. Her dad is no longer in the picture and her mom has set up patterns of perpetual lying. Patterns that Jasmine has adopted herself.

Jasmine started coming to Youth For Christ events when she was in 6th grade. We’ve built a relationship with her over the last 3 years, but it has been rocky at best.

While she was still in middle school, Jasmine got involved with the wrong group of friends. She started drinking, smoking marijuana, and sneaking out of the house. Her mom struggled to deal with Jasmine’s rebellion, often wavering between overprotective discipline and giving Jasmine free reign.

When Jasmine was in 8th grade, her mom called us in tears because she hadn’t been able to find her daughter for 23 hours. Jasmine had told her mom that she was going to church with some YFC friends (which was a lie). Hours later, long after she was supposed to be home, Jasmine’s mom found her bedroom window open.

She was gone.

“I don’t know where else to look,” Jasmine’s mom sobbed into the phone. “I don’t know how to find her.”

We spent the whole day looking for Jasmine. We called and texted her. We called the police. We looked everywhere.

Jasmine was nowhere to be found.

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