Jasmine’s Story - Part 2

Jasmine’s Story - Part 2

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Hours into our search, Jasmine responded to my desperate text:

“I’m fine. You don’t need to worry about me. Besides you probably wouldn’t even believe me…” She pressed further, “besides, you don’t even care about me.”

Jasmine KNEW how much we cared about her. She also knew, based on many previous conversations, that I valued truth in our relationship.

I replied back, “Jasmine, regardless of whether or not you tell the truth, I will always be concerned about your safety. I will always care about you.”

Jasmine came back home and soon after, we had a breakthrough while studying 1 Corinthians 13. I asked her, “Jasmine, what do you want from our relationship? Because I’m trying to love you like God loves you. We’ve seen how God loves. How can we be friends, and how can I better show you Jesus?”

Jasmine paused for a long time and finally responded, “Kayla, I want you to help me follow Jesus. I want to follow him and I want help. When you see that I’m lying or struggling, can you help me?”

While it hasn’t been easy, Jasmine has grown tremendously over the last few months. She still struggles with lying and often succumbs to her flesh and the temptations of her old friend group…but she is trying.

Jasmine is learning to sow from the Spirit rather than from the flesh. She is learning to receive God’s grace, forgiveness, and love every time she messes up.

Jasmine recently joined us at our local church and decided to get baptized. Unfortunately, her mother was very angry and did not want to let her get baptized.

Jasmine was at a crossroads.

She desperately wanted to obey God through baptism, but her mom was adamant about not allowing her to.

There was and is a war going on for Jasmine’s soul. She is trying to trust God and live in the spirit, but often that requires great strength and difficult choices.

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