Jasmine’s Story - Part 3

Jasmine’s Story - Part 3

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But God has continued to be gracious to Jasmine.

Only a few weeks ago, on Easter Sunday, Jasmine was baptized. The Lord worked incredibly and her mom ended up attending the service as well.

Jasmine shared her testimony before her baptism. It was refreshing to hear someone who doesn’t quite know all the Christian lingo share what God is teaching them.

Read the words that Jasmine shared before she was baptized:

“To be saved by Jesus means you have accepted him as your Savior, as your one and only. To believe that he died on the cross for your sins. For you. Because he loves you. And you need to be committed to him. Not only because you don’t want to go to hell…but because you want him. Because he is good. Because he can teach you. And you have to be willing to listen.

I thought I didn’t need Jesus, but I clearly do. I need rest. And he says, “Come to me and I will give you rest.” So here I am. I want Jesus to show me the path. And I don’t need anybody else but him, because with God, all things are possible.

Being a Christian doesn’t mean you are perfect right away – no no no. You will make many more mistakes, but now you have God to repent to and ask for his forgiveness.”

Praise God for the truths shared from this new believer.

Truths from the mouth of a girl who once was lost and far from Christ, but who is now brought near by his blood.

Every day we serve kids like Jasmine, kids who are learning what it means to walk in faith and trust God.

Thank you for your prayers for Youth For Christ and for the 11-19 year olds we serve around the nation.

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