Like Family

From the first moment Randall found out YFC’s City Life ministry had a mentoring component, he asked to be mentored almost every week.

Randall is a great kid with a kind heart. He has always been eager to help in any way he can.

When playing in the neighborhood he can be seen helping the youngest kids ride their bikes and enjoy the swings. When working in the gardens, Randall is always one of the first to grab a shovel and ask how he can help. During Vacation Bible School he always noticed when another student was struggling with an activity and jumped in to lend a hand.

This made it all the more difficult to tell Randall that there simply wasn’t a male volunteer available to mentor him. Months passed and Randall continued to show up and serve in many ways.

Finally, after months of waiting, a Christ-centered man named Steve volunteered as a mentor and began to build a relationship with Randall.

Today, Steve and Randall spend almost every Friday evening together.

Typically, they eat together with Steve’s family, where Randall is invited to be a part of a loving family who puts Christ first. Afterward, Steve and Randall discuss the Bible, life, and how the two relate.

According to Steve, it has been a pleasure to get to know Randall and share God’s love and truth each week.

“It amazes me how much he reads! Every time we talk, he has a new book that he’s reading,” Steve recently commented.

Those who think that urban teens aren’t interested in being mentored by adults are simply mistaken.

Many young people are hungry for guidance and support as they attempt to navigate life’s difficult ups and downs. Having an adult mentor in their life could make all the difference.


January is National Mentoring Month. If you are interested in learning more about how you can be a life-changing influence in a kid's life, go to for more information on local YFC ministry sites.

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