75 Years - The Lord’s Work Continues

75 Years - The Lord’s Work Continues

As our 75th anniversary year concludes, celebrate with us these stories of God’s work through YFC over the years.

The year was 1945. I was 11 years old.

Youth For Christ came to Hamilton Ohio for a one night gathering to introduce the ministry and the young “Billy.” We met in the local high school (which is now demolished). I sat in the balcony over the stage and heard the meeting up close, captivated by Billy Graham’s booming and compelling voice.

It’s now 74 years later.

I’m 85 years old, and all those involved are gone, including my dear wife of 65 years.

However, the Lord’s work continues – in my life and in the ministry of YFC.

I’ve witnessed my family members invest their lives in the mission of Youth For Christ at local and international levels. I’ve seen the commitment of YFC as a whole as they seek to reach one million kids with the gospel of Christ.

It has been a long journey from that balcony to today. God has blessed us in such a glorious demonstration of his love and care for us. 

As He now carries me each day, I pray the work of Youth For Christ would continue, as those dedicated to the mission commit to follow God in the integrity of his Word, remaining faithful to his mission for years to come.

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