Mentoring — An eternal investment

Mentoring — An eternal investment

I started mentoring Keisha not really knowing what I was getting myself into. I had no idea what to do to be a “good mentor;” I just tried to get to know Keisha and show her I cared.

We would go for ice cream, fast-food, or play games together. Every few weeks we did Bible studies or set goals on how to be a better citizen or friend.

Each week before mentoring, my prayer was “God, please use this time to impact her life in eternal ways.”

I felt that I was not skilled enough on my own to change Keisha’s life, but I hoped that if I consistently showed up, God would work to change the trajectory of her life.

Sometimes things got really tough.

Keisha would talk back, be rude and ungrateful, not show up, and speak disrespectfully. It was frustrating, but as I got to know her, I learned that this behavior was a result of deep trauma, as Keisha’s father had left her family for another woman.

I kept showing up, hanging out with her, and asking how I could pray for her. One week, I talked about God being our Father. We read a few verses that described how God is a Father to us, and Keisha mentioned that it felt good to know that about God.

I asked what she thought we could do to know God more. Keisha said she should probably “be saved.” I explained that being saved meant asking Jesus to come into her life and trusting him to forgive her sin. When I asked if she’d like to do that, she nodded yes.

So there in Burger King we bowed our heads and Keisha asked Christ to come into her heart and make her the kind of woman he had created her to be.

I was so excited that Keisha had made this decision to trust Jesus. It was evidence that God had heard my prayers to use the time I was investing in her life.

Mentoring can be fun and crazy; it can be exhausting and frustrating. But I have seen how consistent presence in the life of a kid can make an eternal difference.

It’s an honor to be a part of Keisha’s story and it’s a privilege to see God use me as a part of spreading his kingdom on earth.

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