Messy. But good.

“He told me he had the best week of his life.”

After returning from middle school camp at Black Diamond this year, three different parents reached out to tell me about the experience their child had at camp and the changes in behavior they were witnessing.

This summer we doubled the number of middle schoolers we took from last year and brought the most student leaders ever. We laughed, we cried, we had wrestling matches, and I was awoken from a nap by being blasted in the face with super soakers from my dudes. It was everything a week of middle school camp should be.

There were great moments of talking about how to treat other people. Conversations about what we think about God. And plenty of time being complete weirdos.

There were also really difficult conversations about gossip and fighting. During the week we were even forced to drive a couple students back home because of disciplinary issues.

This is the tension we embrace as YFC.

And despite it being difficult, it is beautiful.

We witnessed beautiful transformation, belly laughs, and freedom — all intertwined with grudges, gossip, vomit, violence, lice, and depression. 

In the midst of all of it though, God worked tremendously. Kids had the time of their lives. Leaders developed relationships with youth. And it was good.

Messy. But good.

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