“Nobody has ever done anything like this for me.”

“Nobody has ever done anything like this for me.”

“Nobody has ever done anything like this for me.”

These words have been etched in my mind and I remember them often as I consider the best ways to care for the 11-19 year old kids in our ministry.

This summer we partnered with a local mini-golf park for our first YFC event. We took 23 of our students to the park, where we played mini golf, hit baseballs in the batting cages, grilled out, and had a couple bands come play worship music.

We wrapped up the night with a staff member sharing the Gospel of Jesus with the kids.

After the event I drove some of the teenagers back to their respective homes.

As I was driving I looked over and one of the teens had tears welling up in his eyes. I asked him what was wrong and he said,

“Nothing is wrong. It’s just, nobody has ever done anything like this for me.”

I asked him what he meant.

He said, “Nobody has ever paid for me to go to something this fun like this.”

My heart welled up as I realized the immense privilege we have as YFC leaders to tangibly care for kids in a way that reminds them that they are loved and cared for by us and by a God who sees them. As we walk alongside them through life and share the Gospel with them, God works powerfully in their hearts.

That same evening that teenage boy gave his heart to Jesus.

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