Quotes from YFC Campers

Quotes from YFC Campers

At the end of a fun-filled and gospel-saturated week of YFC Camp, students are asked to write down what God taught them over the course of the week.

Take a moment to read through these quotes from kids who were at YFC Camp this summer:

  • “God sees and loves me. He has forgiven my sins. He wants to have a relationship with me, which is why he died on the cross for me.”
  • “God taught me I have a caring and loving Father who is always going to be there for me”
  • “God taught me to love, care, and forgive. He doesn’t care what we look like in order to love me. I can communicate with him when I say yes. I said yes”
  • “Before camp, I used to be in the shadows. I lived in darkness. Now when I go home I wanna change people who are like me.”
  • “My life before camp was more hidden. Camp was amazing because I got the chance to be a kid again, and also to give myself to God. I would like to go home now and change myself. I was more hidden, keeping my emotions to myself. But I’d like to share myself with God.”
  • “I have struggled with depression in the past, and this week God told me ‘I see you’.”
  • “God taught me to open my eyes and heart and accept God's help.”
  • “I am not the only one who struggles. What God has given me is a gift.” 
  • “This week helped me mend my relationship with my father.”
  • “Just because I was hurt in the past, I don’t have to back away from people. God may be bringing them into my life to help me.”
  • "This week, God taught me how to be more open and to be more confidant and believe that I am good enough."
  • "This week, God taught me that it’s okay not to be perfect."
  • "This week, God taught me that he is always with me & loves me. He is in the mess with me & will help me out of the mess."
  • “Now I know that I am not alone and I don’t have to do everything alone. He showed me that He does see me.”
  • “I know that I am wanted and I need to be accountable in my relationship with God. That God wants me to choose him every morning.”
  • “I have to let some things go in order to completely follow Jesus. I want to be all in and whatever things I let go, I know that God will replace them with better things.”
  • "We all have rough times in our lives and each of us go through pain, but it gets better.”
  • "To be more accepting of him because he has a plan for us and loves us no matter what."
  • "I have so many people who care for me"

Join us in praying that the Lord would continue to work in the lives of these kids, as they have now returned back to ordinary life. Many of the students who came to YFC Camp come from difficult home lives, troubles at school, or familial disagreements. While life after camp can be hard, these kids have faithful YFC leaders who continue to pour into them in the day-to-day of life.

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