Showing Up

Showing Up

Earlier this year, our local YFC Campus Life sponsored a dodgeball tournament. As I promoted the event in the lunchroom, I met Jack*, a student I had never seen before.

I invited Jack to the tournament, and he loudly announced to everyone within earshot that he was going to the Campus Life dodgeball tournament that night and that his team was going to win. I instantly loved Jack’s confidence and passion, and I hoped he would come that night.

He didn’t show up.

Although I could have been discouraged, I knew we would talk again. Later that week at a girls’ basketball game, I noticed Jack in the student section. He saw me and quickly made his way up the bleachers to sit beside me.

I gave him a little flack for not showing up to the dodgeball tournament, but his attendance at that event didn’t really matter. For the rest of the JV game and all of the varsity game, he sat next to me and shared his story with me.

He told me how his mom used to give him drugs to sell for money for food.

He told me that he has been arrested a few times, and as a result has spent time at a military camp.

He told me that he bounces between his mom and dad’s house, and his dad is “kind of into the devil.”

It was clear that most of the adults in his life either consistently make bad choices or are consistently inconsistent.

By the end of the night, I had the opportunity to share with him a bit of my own story as he fired questions at me:

Why was I there? What is my job? What is Campus Life? Why do I believe in Jesus?

Right there in the middle of the gym, I was able to share with Jack about Jesus. He did not pray with me to surrender to Christ right then and there, but I know that there will be more future conversations with Jack and other students

as we consistently show up and love like Christ does.

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