“Sit here with me.”

“Sit here with me.”

My body is tired, my heart is full, and my spirit is refreshed after spending last week as Camp Director at NorthBay HS. A week at YFC Camp never fails to make a mark on my soul, as I pour myself out on behalf of leaders and lost kids – and see the Spirit of God show up and do the kind of things ONLY He can do. While the memories are fresh, I wanted to share a couple of stories to encourage you.

Wednesday night was a first for me. During solo time, while camp speaker Don Talley had given kids half-hour of still, quiet time to consider whether they would say, “yes,” to Jesus, one student just couldn’t sit still. He was up, pacing around while everyone else sat quietly. 

Recognizing the sanctity of the moment, another kid reached out with a simple invitation.

“Sit here with me.” 

A short conversation between the two students revealed the reason for the restlessness – he was struggling with the internal turmoil of wanting to say yes to Jesus but not sure he was ready to count the cost. 

His new friend simply responded along the lines of, “I am sitting here thinking the same thing, but I think I’m going to say yes. Stay here with me, and we can say yes together.” 

And there, under the stars at NorthBay, for the first time I can remember, a lost kid led another lost kid to say yes to Jesus and they stood up together and declared, “YES!” at the end of solo time. Only the orchestration of the Holy Spirit can conduct such a beautiful moment.  

Thank you, Jesus!

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