Something’s Missing

Something’s Missing

When she was three years old, Ginny’s father passed away, leaving her feeling an unexplainable emptiness.

For a long time she struggled with this feeling of emptiness. She was able to find consolation in her relationship with her mother, but she kept coming back to the feeling that there was something missing from her life.

She started high school and began a journey of seeking to find out who she was. She looked to find her place in an academic or social group, but no matter how hard she tried, the persistent feeling of emptiness followed her. She felt out of place and lonely.

Ginny says, “I was struggling. I couldn’t find my place and I had kind of given up. I was just looking for a place that I could call my home, a place I where I could say I belonged. I was just looking for purpose. But instead I felt empty.”

One day, Ginny walked into a Campus Life bible study at her school. She reminisces on her feelings upon walking into that room:

“The way I heard them talk about Christ, about his kindness. It resonated with me and I remembered wanting to be like that.”

Ginny couldn’t explain why she was attracted to the people in the room, but she stayed even though she didn’t understand what they were talking about. They began to pray and Ginny began to feel anxious. She thought she might be having a panic attack so she stepped out of the room to take a breath.

It was then that she heard something inside her tell her to let go. She began to cry.

That day she talked with Amy, a Campus Life leader, and that day she trusted Christ.

For the first time, being in that Campus Life room, Ginny realized that she wasn’t alone. She realized that in Christ, in Christian community, she had found a place where she belonged.

Today Ginny is a member of her local church. She continues to study God’s word and learn more and more about his love for her.

“I’ve found that his love is so vast. There’s enough for everyone and I want to be a part of sharing that love with other people.”

So Ginny found a way to do just that. When she transferred this year to a new high school she brought Campus Life with her.

“I started Campus Life at my new school in hopes that I could find that one person who is frantically looking for themselves, for a place to belong. I want them to experience what I did. I want to create a space where they can settle down and be so filled with Christ’s love that they want to share him with other people.”

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