The Pain is Real

The Pain is Real

YFC Camp. The weather is beautiful. The food is incredible. The property is gorgeous. But the pain is real.

This summer at camp, we challenged our cabin leaders to share their stories with the campers, being vulnerable and authentic about the pain they have each faced in their past.

One leader shared about losing his leg in a motorcycle accident and how he was so angry at God for letting that happen. Another shared about growing up in a rough neighborhood and witnessing his friend being killed when they crossed into the wrong part of town. Another leader shared about being sexually assaulted and the pain it brought into her life. 

They bravely shared their pain, and after they shared, the speaker asked the kids to close their eyes and bow their heads. 

“If you, similar to this leader, know what it feels like to be angry at God,” he prompted “quietly open your eyes and look up at me.” 

In the back of the room, I watched as a hundred or so heads popped up and made eye contact with the speaker. 

“I see you. Thank you.” he said as more heads looked up, “I see you.”

He continued inviting others into the story. Asking kids to look up if they could relate to the hurt of losing a friend or being violated. Kid after kid - all young people far too young to be carrying this weight looked up. 

Lack of answers.

After sharing the very real pain they have faced, the leaders shared the hope of Jesus, the only answer to what their hearts are truly longing for. The good news that our Creator desires to give us hope and life in place of our pain and despair. The good news that because of the sacrifice of Jesus we can have a restored relationship with God and life eternal.

The pain these kids face is real, but Hope has come!

Please pray that God would begin to heal and restore the brokenness that these kids have known and that He would replace mourning with laughter. Despair for hope. Death for life. Pray that there would be radical decisions made this summer at camp and that young people would take the first step in the life long journey of following Jesus Christ.

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