The Pursuing Love of Christ

The Pursuing Love of Christ

She walked around camp all week with a frown on her face. She didn’t cause trouble. She was just quiet. Stoic. Easy to overlook.

At club she would lean against the wall, glancing occasionally over at the rest of the girls from her cabin who were jumping up and down to the beat of the music. As the music slowed, the girls all wrapped their arms around each other and swayed back and forth. Several times her leader motioned for her to come join them. But each time she just shook her head no.

Throughout the week I noticed that she would always be a few feet behind the rest of the group and she wouldn’t join in group pictures. During free time she would find a table by herself and sit alone while the rest of the group played in the pool.

It was as if she purposely distanced herself from them, even though they tried repeatedly to get her to join them.

I can’t imagine to know or understand the reasons behind her behavior. The hurt that she has likely encountered that would cause her to maintain distance in every relationship.

But throughout the week I saw Jesus in her cabin mates and in her leader.

Despite her repeated attempts to push them away or ignore them, they continually pursued, continually invited, continually sought to include her in the family.

The last night as the worship music slowed, the girls wrapped their arms around each other again and started swaying to the music. I saw the leader glance over at her and invite her to join them with a nod of her head.

And in that moment I witnessed something beautiful. A small hint of a smile crept onto her face and she slowly walked over to the group. The girl on the end reached out and put her arm around her. And together they swayed to the music.

These are the kids we seek. The overlooked. The distanced. The hard-to-reach. We seek to show them the love of Christ by pursuing them and inviting them to join the family of God.

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