The Transforming Power of Prayer

The Transforming Power of Prayer

Recently a young lady, Angela*, was brought in to a local juvenile facility for charges that caused a great deal of pain to another family, leaving one person hospitalized.

Our YFC staff and volunteers go to the facility weekly to meet with the girls there. At our first girl’s group I stayed after to speak with Angela. She shared about the events that had led to her being at the facility and how upset she was about being away from her family.

In talking with her, I realized she was more upset about the consequences of her actions than she was about what she had done or how it had affected other people.

I asked if she had prayed for the individual she left hospitalized or for their family… she said no. This was a perfect time to show her the love of Jesus. I explained to Angela the importance of praying for the people affected, as well as the importance of praying that her own heart would be softened.

I told her that if she prayed for the woman who was hurt BEFORE she ever prayed a single prayer for herself she might just see things change. I told her I’d pray as well.

Over time, Angela began to embrace the Word of God, join in during girl’s group, and engage in church services.

She started praying every night for the person involved and their family.

She prayed for healing and forgiveness.

She prayed for everything to be okay for the other family.

Each week she couldn’t wait to tell me about what God was doing to change her heart. She was experiencing the love of God by reaching out to Him and embracing His forgiveness!

As the months passed I began to notice a difference in the way she spoke, how she carried herself, and how she interacted with her peers, the detention center staff, and our volunteers. She seemed lighter, happier, full of love and grace, full of care for others. She went from appearing cold, selfish, and closed off to embracing the love that Jesus so freely gives to us all.

What a beautiful transformation!

Every day, YFC staff and volunteers around the nation invest in kids like Angela. Some of these kids have never been shown the love of Christ or taught his Word. Some have never had a chance to experience a love that can transform a heart of stone into a heart filled with joy, peace, and love. But as these staff and volunteers consistently invest and point to Jesus, incredible transformation takes place.

*Name changed

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