What I Was Missing

I can’t think of any greater blessing than watching someone’s story be redeemed and folded into God’s greater narrative.

One of the most significant relationships that have developed over the past few years is with Sam. As the Freshman Coach, I have the opportunity to meet middle school players through camps we host and time in the weight room. Sam’s work ethic and leadership capabilities were already apparent, and as the quarterback, we got even more time to work together. I prayed for him often and looked for opportunities to help make Christ’s love real in his life. Early in the new school year, Sam and some of his teammates became regulars at our weekly social gatherings. Though Sam had not yet come to know Jesus, a seed had been planted, and his curiosity was growing.

The following summer, we prepared to go to the annual YFC camp and found that most of the kids signed up were football players, and leading the charge was Sam!

As the full week of events wound down, I found myself exhausted after keeping up with a bunch of Midwest boys in the mountains for the first time; but I noticed something happening to them. The speaker challenged them to be open to the narrative of Christ and His followers. He invited them to open up and share their mess in the cabins with their groups – and they did. And on the night of July 27, 2016, Sam let out an emphatic YES to Jesus!

The next morning, on our final hike, we watched the sunrise and sang praise and prayed to our King as a group of brothers in Christ. Sam wrapped me in a bear hug and crying, repeated “Thank you coach… I didn’t even know what I was missing.”

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