With grace.

Margot grew up in church. But somehow Margot missed out on the message that she could have a personal relationship with the Savior…a Savior who knows we make mistakes and who forgives. A Savior who understands the challenges we face and is ever-present to help in our time of need.

As a pastor’s kid, life was about perfection, not about mistakes. Margot knew how to put on the right face for each situation, how to smile, and how to act. But the moment Margot found out her parents were getting divorced, that picture of perfection… and her place in the perfectly outlined life… began to fade.

Margot heard about Youth For Christ Club and decided to try it out. No longer comfortable with her former church community, she felt she had nowhere to turn for advice in processing her recently muddled life.

Margot got plugged in with Kate, one of the YFC leaders, and she experienced a whole new spiritual reality… a spiritual haven where she could open up, be herself, and face difficulties with grace.

Margot jumped right in, making friends and becoming more and more comfortable sharing her story… the true story of Margot. Kate gently guided Margot in her faith journey. As Kate had come to a relationship with Christ in high school, she easily related to Margot’s questions, understanding, and needs. Margot admitted she wasn’t sure she ever had really made a commitment to Christ, even though she was surrounded by Christianity.

And while on a YFC trip, Margot made the decision to truly commit her life to Christ. 

“I don’t know where she would have ended up without Campus Life,” says Margot’s mom. In a difficult time in life, Margot was reached in a way she desperately needed by the ministry of YFC.

Although we’ll never know where Margot may have ended up without YFC, we celebrate the fact that she found a loving community, and most importantly, a true and right relationship with Christ.

Now Margot serves her YFC group as a Core leader, continuing to disciple and lead other students to a true and right relationship with their Heavenly Father.

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