Zoe’s Story

Because Zoe came from a hearing family, the students and staff at her residential school for deaf students became a second family to her. Joining members of that family for Youth For Christ’s Deaf Teen Quest meetings felt only natural. But as students live on campus, they can only attend DTQ meetings twice before they are required to have written permission from parents. Often this helps get parents involved, but sometimes getting permission from parents turns into a trial for their student.  

In Zoe’s case, her parents said she couldn’t come back to DTQ... but she still wanted to come. Leaders prayed for weeks for her mom and even attempted contacting her to see if there was a particular reason she didn’t want Zoe coming.  Zoe continued to plead her case with the leaders, begging them to let her come without the permission slip.

One of the leaders reminded Zoe, “The door isn’t always closed. We just need to remember to turn to God.” And after more persistent prayer, Zoe’s mom finally signed the permission form.

Zoe now keeps in touch almost daily with leaders even when they aren’t on campus. Recently she attended a youth conference with other DTQ leaders and teens as she continues to learn about the Bible and seek God’s plan for her life.

Please pray that more Deaf and Hard of Hearing teens would come to know Christ in a loving way and be able to share his love with others in their community and in their families.

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