A Knock at the Door

story courtesy Angie Johnson

On Monday, October 5th, we had a knock on our door around 9:30 at night. It was a neighbor that we didn't know very well (apart from saying hello on the elevator). He said he wanted to speak with Brandon and we invited him in and visited with him.

He was going through a rough time, he said, and the night before he was really low. He didn't know what to do but he cried out for help and the thought came to his mind that he needed to speak to Brandon. We now know that God spoke to him that night.

Within 5 minutes of walking in our door he had prayed to receive Christ! We hadn't done anything...God had done it all and just let us be witnesses!

John, has since been coming to our bible study and visited church with us last Sunday. He said it was the best experience he's ever had. He's already growing in his relationship with God and we are just continually amazed. It's been a huge encouragement to us (and our whole church) to have gotten to see God working in John's life.

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