A Pact with the Devil…And More

by Melissa Verdugo, The Seychelles

"We made a pact with the Devil,” shared five boys in small group. After several weeks of coming to Campus Life, these gang members chose to give their lives to Jesus and entered into His Covenant, breaking their old one.

“I’m not feeling good. I’m really missing my Dad,” Sarah* shared with our YFC staff member. Sarah’s dad committed suicide about a month ago. Melissa was able to encourage her that over time it will hurt less, as it has in the loss of Melissa’s brother, and that it was okay to be sad. It was great to see her having fun at a Campus Life meeting with a huge smile on her face as she learned how to do a hip hop dance from our new Nigerian volunteer, Philip.

My boyfriend is abusing me but I can’t talk to my mom about it. I’m depressed,” cried Rebecca*. A YFC staff member encouraged her to break-up with him via text and to make sure to never see or talk to him again.  She did and says she is feeling great!

Sarah, Rebecca, and these boys are just a few of over 200 kids that are participating in Campus Life every week. Sadly, there are dozens of other heartbreaking stories we could share with you. For most of the youth their Campus Life leader is the only adult they trust enough to share about the difficult things in their lives.


*Names changed for privacy

Has God given you a heart for young people? Maybe it's not in the Seychelles, but God may have a special mission for you through camp ministry, sports outreach, drop-in centers, orphanages, youth ministry or even social media. If you feel God prompting you in this way, please contact us at 303.843.6741 and ask to speak with someone from the World Outreach team or fill out our inquiry form by clicking here.

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