Am I Making A Difference?

“Sometimes, I wonder if anything I’m doing makes a difference. After three years working with the same guys and seeing only small changes, it is easy to fall into hopelessness. But this long, exhausting weekend was an answer to prayer.”

This quote could have come from any of our YFC leaders, who tirelessly serve teenagers. In this case, these words originate from a Youth For Christ USA missionary serving in the Middle East.

He serves in a location that cannot be disclosed, reaching refugee teens.As his story unfolds, you realize the teens he’s engaging are not much different from kids in our USA neighborhoods. Similar struggles, common insecurities, and a desperate need to be loved by God.

One billion teens in the world. Only 4% of those teens live in the United States.

Youth For Christ USA is part of a larger international movement, called YFC International, which represents over 100 countries where indigenous Youth For Christ movements thrive. We are honored to be part of a global movement that annually reaches 7 million teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus. We are committed to reaching teens everywhere.

World Outreach is Youth For Christ USA’s “vehicle” for connecting Christian U.S. citizens to serve the ministries of YFC International. Right now, our team includes 83 full-time and short-term missionaries serving in 29 countries.

Our missionary, referenced earlier who reaches refugee teens, is an encouraging example of God’s mighty work. As he patiently ministers and perseveres, his tireless effort and dedication pays off. This YFC missionary champions the mission we uphold everywhere.

Your partnership with us at YFC spans the globe! Whether in your own community, another state or across the globe, we stand together reaching lost teens with the news of Jesus!

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