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June 2015

“Feeling Small” is a Lie: An Intern’s Perspective

6/23/2015 By YFC USA in Category

Sitting around the table at Youth For Christ International’s monthly prayer meeting, I felt small. Not physically, Ginny was there, so there was at least one person shorter than me. I felt like... More

There’s a Kid Behind Every Headline: Shipwreck in China

6/16/2015 By YFC USA in Category General

As you may heard, there was a disastrous shipwreck in the Yangtze River in China on June 1st. A tornado capsized the ship with 456 people on board. Only 14 people, including the ship's captain,... More

Where is God?

6/11/2015 By YFC USA in Category From Our Missionaries

Being a missionary in the field is not always a picnic. Unexpected things happen, God throws some curveballs at you, and life just gets hard. Aretta Zitta, a YFC missionary serving in Germany,... More

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