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The Right Time

2/2/2015 By Scott Rosene in Category

 A few weeks ago I was listening to some music while working at the center. A guy came in looking for someone. The person he was looking for wasn't there. He asked to wait around for awhile and sat


Evangelism in a Digital Age

1/19/2015 By Scott Rosene in Category approached Google and asked them, "What was your number one searched question online last year?

Google came back with the top three: #1How to Kill Myself; #2 Who is God; and #3 was porn


A Pact with the Devil…And More

1/14/2015 By Scott Rosene in Category

by Melissa Verdugo, The Seychelles

"We made a pact with the Devil,” shared five boys in small group. After several weeks of coming to Campus Life, these gang members chose to give their lives to


Beaten But Not Broken

11/6/2014 By Scott Rosene in Category From Our Missionaries

He threw Irene* to the ground, hurling insults about her wearing glasses.  He then grabbed a rock, and hit her hard in the temple with it.  Irene* survived the attack and didn't let it stop her


Friday Nights at the Park

10/20/2014 By Scott Rosene in Category

story by Lindsey Spencer

God is really moving in Northern Ireland. One way God is using staff and volunteers to reach out to young people is the "Park", a ministry location in Northern Ireland


God Calling: Full Time Christian Service

10/3/2014 By Scott Rosene in Category From Our Missionaries

Frank Valenza, a World Outreach missionary, is the International Coordinator of Youth for Christ in Brazil.  Judy writes and prepares training materials.

In January 2014, Frank are Judy were


More than Water in this Well…

7/19/2013 By Scott Rosene in Category From Our Missionaries

For all of the planning a missionary may do to run a program or event with specific people or goals in mind, ultimately, God is sovereign and has His own plans. Such was clearly the case for a


Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

4/8/2013 By Scott Rosene in Category

Missionaries quickly learn that "Where God leads, God provides."

Karna Steel shared a story with us recently about how God provided for her family on the mission field. We hope it will be an


Learning to ROAR

3/13/2013 By Scott Rosene in Category

When you think of Africa, perhaps you think of lions.

Young people in Botswana are also learning to ROAR. Youth for Christ held a summer camp called ROAR in Gabarone, the capital of Botswana, in


A Missionary’s Benefits

1/22/2013 By Scott Rosene in Category General

Youth for Christ recently polled some of our missionaries on the field, asking them "What would you consider some of the greatest benefits of serving as a missionary?"

Here's what we found out... More

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