Beaten But Not Broken

He threw Irene* to the ground, hurling insults about her wearing glasses.  He then grabbed a rock, and hit her hard in the temple with it.  Irene* survived the attack and didn't let it stop her from coming to YFC's Campus Life program that day.  The huge lump on the side of her head corroborated her story.  Irene* is from a Muslim family.  Despite being raised Muslim, she has been attending Campus Life like many other Muslim and Hindu kids.

Students like Irene* face persecution for their faith and relationship with Jesus and it is our hope that we as Youth for Christ staff can walk alongside these youth as they journey with their Lord. Please continue to pray for Irene* and others like her, as well as our many staff around the world who work with difficult situations like these.


                                                                                                                                                                                                              *Name has been changed to protect the young person.

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