Evangelism in a Digital Age

Jesus.net approached Google and asked them, "What was your number one searched question online last year?

Google came back with the top three: #1How to Kill Myself; #2 Who is God; and #3 was porn related.

You can't find those statistics anymore because Google was so shocked that they actually removed the stats from the internet, but the question remains: How do we provide hope, truth and light to a world that is looking for answers in the digital environment? Every day 5 million people search for spirituality online (jesus.net). The church is truly a relational community living in a digital era. Can and do the two go together?

The generation of young people around the world that we live with and minister today have only known postmodernity, have only ever known the internet, are digital thinkers, and value convenience over commitment. Our response is the same as Jesus' ministry: storytelling -- 21st century parables. Part of our vision is to create a global movement of digital evangelists who will bridge the gap from digital to relational for young people everywhere.

World Outreach missionary Seth Binford is preparing to do hands-on training with Youth for Christ missionaries, helping them to create relevant videos for their area. The idea is to begin developing a one-stop, online media network for all denominations to utilize as they begin to create media to reach this generation.

Perhaps like many, you have long thought of missions work as preaching, living in a mud hut, or trekking into remote regions to learn remote languages for Bible translation. While all of these may be true of valid missionary endeavors, Youth for Christ realizes that missionary efforts to reach young people also include photography, videography, and website design and programming.

If you have a passion to see young people know the truth of Jesus and have the skills of a digital evangelist, we want to hear from you

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