Finding Fellowship

Amy Emerson, World Outreach missionary to Cyprus writes, “It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that Cyprus has been my home for nearly six months already…Life could not feel normal without the community surrounding me.”

From being adopted into the lives of her co-workers, whose kids now call her “Aunty Amy,” to joining a new church family and taking on a role as kids song leader on the church worship team, to road trip adventures and deep conversations with new friends, Amy writes, “Finding community was one of my biggest fears coming to a new home, and once again, the Lord has thrown my fears aside and provided in abounding ways.”

Among other things, Amy’s new role has her gathering together with over 30 teens in Limassol for a youth club called “Rock Solid.” She loves having a consistent group of girls that she is able to develop a relationship with. “It’s amazing to see the trust building and their openness to share their lives at our clubs…

Most of the kids come from non-Christian backgrounds, diverse cultures, broken homes and some tough stories. For a few hours every week, they can leave behind their worries and just be who God has created them to be.

Are worries about serving cross-culturally in another country holding you back from pursuing God’s call on your life? Know that stories like Amy’s are not uncommon. God has an amazing ability to provide whatever it is you’re worried about – whether finances, fellowship, or confidence.

Why not take the first step today and contact our team about how God is leading you in the area of missions to reach young people?

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