Finding Workers for the Harvest Field

by Dan Boycott

After many years serving at a local Youth for Christ USA ministry in Kentucky and ministering to middle and high school students, it is now my privilege to serve by sharing the stories and opportunities that YFC has available here in the United States and around the world with those I come into contact with.

Often working in partnership with local YFC USA ministry sites, we visit colleges (mostly Christian) in the area for mission conferences, career fairs, and, sometimes, just setting up a booth and talking with students. Whether in a classroom or chapel presentation, a one-to-one conversation in a hallway or over a meal, we encourage each young adult to share their story and the passions that God has given them.  After hearing how God is leading them and if there are places to connect them within YFC, we introduce them to opportunities that will fit YFC and their passions. 

Four years ago at Moody Bible Institute’s Missions Conference,  I met a young man named Benjy.  After   following up with him, seeing him again on a visit to the school the following spring, I encouraged him to take the next step with YFC.  He completed the application process and served for a short term assignment.  Today, he is a missionary with YFC, ministering to international students in Europe.

Our desire is to see many young adults (and some not so young), have an international mission experience with YFC that will be life changing not only for those who go to serve, but also to those they are serving as they do their part to impact young people with the gospel.  Are you interested in learning more about the opportunities with Youth For Christ? Click here.

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