Friday Nights at the Park

story by Lindsey Spencer

God is really moving in Northern Ireland. One way God is using staff and volunteers to reach out to young people is the "Park", a ministry location in Northern Ireland where a young man named Merve recently came to know Jesus.

Merve has lived in Dromore, Northern Ireland all of his life.  He first became involved with Dromore Youth for Christ through a program called Project 32 - a summer project where young people from around the U.S would come and help out with various projects.  That was three years ago. 

Merve had made the decision then that he wanted to know more about Jesus.  But after the team left, he became discouraged and a bit lost.  Thankfully, he stayed in touch with the staff and volunteers in Dromore, connecting with them when they were out in the park on Friday nights. 

This summer Merve was introduced to the YFC Project Serve team (made up of young people from all over the world) that served in Dromore.  Spending time talking with Matt who was on the mission team from Minnesota. Merve came to understand what it means to really know Jesus.  

Merve says, "I was doing drugs and drinking a lot.  But now I know that there is no better drug than Jesus."


Pictured: Merve, with his friend Dylan, who just became a Christian a couple weeks ago.

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