Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Missionaries quickly learn that "Where God leads, God provides."

Karna Steel shared a story with us recently about how God provided for her family on the mission field. We hope it will be an encouragement to you that if God is leading you to go to the mission field, He will also meet all your needs as you follow Him where He is leading.

"We just had a miraculous provision from God!  We suddenly had to move out of our last house in June of this past year.  When we closed out our utilities, we were told that we owed $3000 for gas that was above what we'd bugeted to pay.  And let's face it, on a missionaries salary it sounded like  $30,000! 

We were expecting to get our deposit back of nearlly $2500 so we thought we'd be okay having to come up with just $500.  However, our landlord refused to pay the money back.  We were getting assessed fines for not paying the gas bill back as we were waiting for the deposit.  So, we finally worked out a deal with the gas company and they allowed us to pay the bill back in 3 installments.....Jan., Feb, and March. 

We kept praying about it because we didn't have the money but we kept hoping the landlord would give us our money back.  We found a Christian lawyer who heard our story and looked over the contract.  He said we had a good case and we'd get our money back.  But, still we waited.  

We paid the first installment and wondered how we had the money to pay it.  The next payment came due and still no money from the landlord.  But, we paid that one too.  And then the third installment came due and again, no money from the landlord.  But, we paid that installment too! 

Looking back, we have no idea how we were able to pay those payments - especially the final payment - because no extra money came in at all.  It was as if the Lord stretched what we had to cover what we needed to pay.  Plus, we had several other bills crop up that we had to pay, too, and the Lord provided the money for those as well. 

"Give us THIS DAY our daily bread."


Might God be leading you to go to the mission field? Don't let fear about finances keep you from obeying him. Contact us today, and let us know what part of the world you'd like to serve.

Perhaps, instead, God is leading you to be the vessel through which He provides to a missionary in need. Consider making a donation to help one of our Youth for Christ missionaries today.

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