God Calling: Full Time Christian Service

Frank Valenza, a World Outreach missionary, is the International Coordinator of Youth for Christ in Brazil.  Judy writes and prepares training materials.

In January 2014, Frank are Judy were thrilled when forty young Christians come forward at a Youth For Christ meeting, saying they wanted to prepare for full-time Christian service.

Two months later, four of the forty began their full-time studies at CEM (Central Evangelical School of Missions). CEM trains missionaries for domestic and foreign service. Other students will follow as soon as they complete their secondary education. Then, in August, the couple hosted a special mission conference and training just for those who have been called into full-time Christian service. The event went well and there are plans to continue this event each year.

Even more, Youth For Christ Brazil and CEM have formed a partnership and are actively working together to challenge, recruit and train workers for full-time service. CEM has a two-year program that grounds students in the Word and cross-cultural ministries.

In the next four years, Lord willing, these present YFC missionary candidates will be ministering in Russia, Brazil, Angola, São Tome & Principe, East Timor, and Cape Verde.

Frank is also involved with missions trips to Angola and Guinea-Bissau sending evangelistic and medical teams to minister. YFC-Brazil’s Project Connections is reaching out to eight Portuguese countries around the world. Because many world events will be soon held in Brazil, Frank will also be mobilizing teams to reach tourists for Christ.

What about you? Is God calling you to full-time Christian service? Perhaps like Frank and Judy, you would like to see God use you to recruit workers to the harvest field and equip young people for service in missions.

Whether you are new to missions or a seasoned veteran interested in serving with Youth for Christ overseas, we could love to hear from you. Apply with us today.

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