Jesus Cares!

By the time you read this I’ll be in Rwanda for a YFC training conference. All East African YFC programmes are converging on Kigali for a week of training and we are a team of 33 going from Kenya. I’ve heard many things about Rwanda, the most devastating being the genocide. Even at the height of the clashes after the 2007 elections, Kenya didn’t see anything nearly as horrific as the genocide in Rwanda due to “ethnic cleansing.” Today’s Rwanda is quite different. Rwandese people are united in their desire to work together. No one wants to see such devastation repeat itself.

Killings continue to take place all over the world, however, sometimes very subtly camouflaged under the banner of “quality of life,” abortion being a case in point. People can say it is better not to bring babies into a disadvantaged community. Sounds plausible, but who’s to know if the quality of that child’s life is going to be good or bad based just on his or her parentage or street address?

When we face trials, aren’t we, being molded into the image of Christ? When we struggle to make ends meet, isn’t the Lord asking us to trust Him to provide for our needs? How many people have amazing testimonies about the goodness of God during a trial?!

While people were being slaughtered in Rwanda, much of the world watched, even ignored, and kept silent. We do the same with abortion — Kenyans ignore it, so do Americans, until it comes close to home. We can suddenly become outraged if an abortion goes wrong because the doctor didn’t follow good medical practice. Of course the baby always dies in a successful abortion. The child didn’t even have a name. And who cares? God does!

Life is sacred. God starts it, and He will finish it, in His good timing. Let’s thank Him for giving us life, helping us to love and respect one another, and let’s trust Him for our tomorrows, no matter what the circumstances.

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