More than Water in this Well…

For all of the planning a missionary may do to run a program or event with specific people or goals in mind, ultimately, God is sovereign and has His own plans. Such was clearly the case for a training event at which World Outreach missionaries Brandon & Lydia Brewington recently participated.

A Youth Leadership Training Course, mainly used to train church youth leaders in Spain, occasionally sees non-believing students who do the course so they can receive the government certification. In the past three months, 2 students have given their lives to Christ. Brandon writes, "I feel like they went to the well looking for water, but left with something a lot better!"

The Youth Leadership Training Course is in its tenth year, and has grown significantly. Back in 2003, there were just two courses per year; now, the team is looking at running eight courses per year (2 in Barcelona, 2 in Tarragona, 1 in Madrid, 1 in Mallorca, 1 in Valencia, and 1 in Bilbao).

Brandon & Lydia serve with Youth for Christ in Barcelona to reach many youth for Christ by working within the community, offering English classes, outreach ministries, and Vacation Bible Schools, as well as supporting the local church by offering weekly club meetings, camps, youth leadership training courses, and youth ministry materials.

Perhaps you are currently a missionary (or preparing to become a missionary) who thinks you know how and where God is going to use you. Don't be at all surprised when God uses you in unexpected ways to reach people you hadn't planned on reaching.

Might God be leading you to go to the mission field? In addition to our mission base in Spain, Youth for Christ operates in 122 other countries. The possibilities are many! Contact us today, and let us know where you would like to serve.

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