Mother Lost, Father Found

Brian and Melissa Verdugo currently serve in South Africa where they work with at-risk children and in a crisis pregnancy and HIV testing center  Recently, they have been going through the Gospel of Luke using a curriculum they are writing to correspond with the Jesus film in Afrikaans with the kids in their discipleship group. 

Brian and Melissa recently taught on Zaccheus and how although he was stealing from and betraying his people, Jesus wanted a relationship with him.  The young people in their discipleship group learned how Zaccheus began that relationship through faith and immediately gave Jesus control of his life, and 13 of the youth did as Zaccheus did. 

Quinton was one of those boys that accepted the Lord. Quinton’s mother died a week later and he has already lost his father and step-father. Thanks to Brian and Melissa's obedience, Quinton now knows his Father in Heaven. 

How might God use you to introduce other young Quintons to their heavenly Father? Perhaps He wants you to serve in another country, as Brian and Melissa have done. Take your next step here.



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