Run With Endurance

by Glenn Skala, volunteer blogger for YFC World Outreach

God calls us to persevere by looking towards Him for guidance and comfort. This is true in our individual faith but also within our ministries. World Outreach missionaries Brandon & Angie Johnson have experienced this need for perseverance over the past year of ministry.

The Johnsons work with young adults in Cyprus began in their living room. Initially they had very few people attend their Bible studies, sometimes only having one person show up. They had to continually adjust the meeting times so more people could attend. However, the Johnsons continued with their ministry despite such low attendance. Sure enough God provided and continued to grow their ministry.

They now have ministries on three different nights in two different cities. Their meetings have grown from one person to over twenty coming weekly to Bible studies in a church hall. Their ministry continues to strengthen these young adults faith through in-depth Bible discussions and they also reach out to those who do not know Christ yet as their Savior.

Instead of being discouraged by low attendance during the initial forming of their ministry the Johnsons trusted that God would build up their ministry and allow them to reach many young people in Cyprus. God provided in amazing ways and will continue to work within this ministry as Brandon and Angie continue to persevere and trust in God's provisions.

Perhaps you are also feeling called to trust in God's will and go to the missions field. Youth for Christ is seeing God work in astounding ways all across the globe everyday! Contact us today to learn more about how you can serve globally.

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