The Right Time

 A few weeks ago I was listening to some music while working at the center. A guy came in looking for someone. The person he was looking for wasn't there. He asked to wait around for awhile and sat down in the shade.

After a few minutes I offered him some water and went back to my work. A few more minutes passed when the visitor came to me again asking if it was Christian music I was listening to. He proceeded to tell me how he had struggled with issues in life until he was now homeless and living in the streets. He didn't want to live the life he had been living anymore; he wanted a new life. We talked of Christ and the new life that we can have through him. We talked of how to have a new life, and we prayed.

While we were praying the person he was originally looking for carne and they shortly left together. They found him some food and gave him a short-term place to stay. I saw him pretty regularly for the next few weeks.

I'm happy to know that he found the new life he was looking for and was a part of a local church while he was in the area and that he was even baptized by the local church. He has moved on now; I don't know where he has gone but I'm glad that I know his story and that God is helping him to write a new chapter.

Let us take the time to hear others' stories as we are reminded and are thankful for the story God was willing to write for us and in us.

-story courtesy of Terry Young

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