There’s a Kid Behind Every Headline: Shipwreck in China

As you may heard, there was a disastrous shipwreck in the Yangtze River in China on June 1st.

A tornado capsized the ship with 456 people on board. Only 14 people, including the ship's captain, have been found alive, and only 29 bodies have been recovered. For those of you non-math people, that leaves 413 people unaccounted for.

Families have begun taking matters into their own hands after authorities gave little information on the whereabouts of their families, and about 80 family members hired a bus to take them the eight hours to the crash site.

The families broke through a police roadblock to try to see the ship as well as try to find their family members.

Yes, this is a tragedy, but just think how many family members have potentially lost a loved one. There were hunderds of people on board, so how many children lost grandparents? How many parents lost children? Or brothers and sisters? Potentially hundreds of thousands of people have lost a loved one... yet how often do we remember to pray for them?

My point here is: There is always a kid behind every headline.

Sometimes these tragedies affect them as much as they affect the victims themselves, yet we hardly give them any thought. Yes, tragedies like the Yangtze River crash is devastating, but what about the children of the victims? The grandchildren? They need as much prayer as those involved. Losing a parent is a trauma that no child, regardless of age, should endure. The kids not only lose the providers for their families, but the emotional and mental support they rely on for a stable life.

Let's keep these kids - and all affected - in our prayers.

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