Q.  What does a "full day" look like for you right now? 
A.  My job as the leader of the camp department is about inspiring and encouraging my team, while also looking ahead to forecast and solve problems.  I have to know when to pull the right people together to problem solve or guarantee forward motion. For me, a lot of the summer is about communicating with and leading teams of people.  Each person on our team has focused lanes he/she works within, including myself.  My lanes are about vision/growth, funding, leading teams, and marketing. When the majority of my to-do list is connected to these focus areas, I know I’m in my lane. 

Q. When you are working full steam ahead, what are some things you do to maintain balance? 

  1. Guard space in the morning to spend with Jesus.  
  2. Work out or be active 3 times/week.
  3. Make dinner with family a priority.
  4. Occasionally have solo days/weekends away with Dave to get clarity –think/pray/write.  
  5. Guard the Sabbath (for us this is Saturday). It’s a day we don’t “accomplish” things; we just play. 
  6. Leverage systems like Sharepoint or Trello to organize my work load.  

Q. How important are friendships to maintaining balance in your life? 
A.  For me, it’s important to have friendships who understand the rhythm of YFC Camp and what I’m capable of at different times of the year.   During “go times,” it’s less about social coffee dates and more about asking them to pray for me or help me.  My most important central friendship is Dave, my husband.  He helps me maintain balance in lots of ways from praying with me to helping me solve problems to encouraging me. 

Q.  If you could give advice to an executive director who is running full steam ahead right now, what would you tell them? 
A.  First of all understand that you can only go “full steam ahead” for seasons of time.  You can’t sustain sprinting for more than a season before needing to downshift to a more sustainable pace.  That said, when in sprint mode: 

  1. You must find your strength in the Lord and in scripture - memorize scripture. 
  2. Guard the Sabbath each week.  
  3. Build a team that helps you shoulder the load.  

This will be the only way to grow in a sustainable fashion. 

Q.  Any resources you would recommend?
Sacred Rhythms – Ruth Haley Barton

Margin - Dr. Richard Swenson

Multipliers – Liz Wiseman

Molly Ramseyer serves as the YFC Camp Director at YFC USA. She has been in this role since 2003. Her leadership has had significant life impact on thousands of students each summer!

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