YFC Era One: The Launch

YFC Era One: The Launch

Art Deyo

THE LAUNCH (1940s)

  • Brand new type of ministry designed to reach teenagers and WW2 Servicemen

  • Pre-rally beginnings — Evon Hedley, Oscar Gillan, Glenn Wagner, George Beverly Shea, Jack Wyrtzen

  • Roger Malsbary in Indianapolis — 1943; Dick Harvey in St. Louis — 1944

  • Opening Chicago Rally by Torrey Johnson — May 1944; Orchestra Hall

  • Torrey Johnson hires Billy Graham — January 1945

  • Soldier Field Rally with 70,000 — May 1945; Torrey Johnson — “God Did It!”

  • Founding YFCI Convention Winona Lake, Indiana; Torrey Johnson elected as founding President — 1945

  • Monthly Publication of Youth For Christ Magazine begins — March 1946

  • Jack Hamilton starts Bible Clubs in Kansas City — 1946

  • Graham and others on two overseas teams to Europe — 1946–1947

  • First of 12 World Congresses in Beatenburg, Switzerland — August 1948

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