“Youth For Christ came into being as a result of a conversation that Torrey Johnson and I had while fishing off the coast of Florida in late 1944. He had the vision and the plans in his mind of what could be done, and he asked if I could join with him and become the first associate and evangelist. It was my privilege to be the first full-time employee of Youth For Christ. The goal in those days was to reach not only young people, but also our servicemen who were on leave from wars. It grew rapidly, and thousands of young people came to Christ. After 60+ years, Youth For Christ continues to communicate the life changing message of Jesus Christ to our youth before it’s too late. We have been fortunate through the years to touch millions of lives and today, more than ever, we need to continue our quest to reach the lost youth around the world.

The harvest fields are riper, the grain is thicker, and the instruments that technology has provided are sharper. I see no reason why we could not touch the entire youth population of the world with the good news of the Gospel… let’s make that our goal!”

Billy Graham


“I am an enthusiastic supporter of the ministry of Youth For Christ. I have seen the work first hand, particularly among troubled inner-city youths, where YFC for years has been rescuing lost kids.”

Charles Colson
Prison Fellowship Ministries


“My association with Youth For Christ is deeply in my family’s history since my father was their first full-time employee. I have also seen personally the long-term affects of their ministry here in the United States and around the world. Today’s young person is in great peril and we desperately need organizations like Youth for Christ to bring them the message of Christ’s truth, love and hope.”

Anne Graham Lotz


“Thank God for Youth For Christ. Over sixty years of ministry shows faithfulness to God, loyalty to the Scripture, and compassion in ministry. The Kingdom of God is greater because of Youth For Christ.”

Josh McDowell


“Youth For Christ has been a faithful and bold ally of the Church. Our world needs Youth For Christ to be propelled into the future with the same devotion it has shown in the past.”

R.C. Sproul, President
Ligonier Ministries


“It was Youth For Christ that reached me in high school. I will ever be thankful for the caring adults who were praying and giving so that I might make the most important decision of my life.”

Roger Cross, past President
Youth For Christ USA


“There is no doubt that Youth For Christ has been the most significant movement of its time. It has been an instrument in the hands of God to reach multiplied hundreds of thousands of young people for Christ. It has also been the source of implanting in those young people a great vision to keep the light shining and to reach others for Christ. Thousands upon thousands have enrolled in the service of Christ because of the initial challenge that they received in the outreach of Youth For Christ.”

David Breese, President
Christian Destiny, Inc.

100+ Christian organizations launched by former Youth For Christ staff:


Ankerberg Evangelistic Association / Floyd Ankerberg
Adam Children’s Fund Int. / Wayne Coombs
ARC Ministries / Chris Ward, Marv Hollenbeck
Barry Moore Ministries / Barry Moore
Berry Publishing Services / Bill Berry
Bible Light Int. / Elmer Josephson
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association / Billy Graham
Bob Neff Tours / Bob Neff, Sr.
Brazilian Evangelistic Association / Keith Britton
Camfel Productions / Jim Hullihan
Campus living Association / Joe Shultz
CareForce, Int. / Jim Wilson, Ernie Taylor
Carmichael Enterprises / Ralph Carmichael
Carpenter’s Tools / Dave Lien
Center for Divorce Recovery / Jim Smoke
Chicago Urban Reconciliation Enterprise (CURE)/Russ Knight, Peter Sjobolm, Tom Lach
Christian Aid Mission (C.A.M.) / Bob Finley
Christian Projects Services, Inc. / Reid Jepson
Christians in Government / Hubert Mitchell
Common Ground / Mark Pollard
Compassion International / Everett Swanson
Concerned Women for America / Beverly LaHaye
Continental Singers / Cam Floria
Destiny Ministries / Dave Breese
Doug Ross Communications / Doug Ross
Dynamic Communications, Int. / Ken Davis
Earl Bailey Ministries / Earl Bailey
Emerging Young Leaders / Dick Wynn
Encounter Ministries, Inc. / Stephen F. Olford
Encouragement Resources / Ray W. Carpenter
Eurovangelism / Dave Foster
Evangelical Enterprises, Inc. / Willis Stitt
Faith in the Family / Martin Granger
Family Life Ministries (F.L.M.) / Dick Snavely
Family Life Radio / Warren Bolthouse
Family Ministries, Inc. / James Leckie
Global Concern / Merv Rosell
Goehner Resource Group / Don Goehner
Gospel Films / Ken Anderson
Gospel Witness Films / Henry Grosh
Go-Tell Communications / Keith D. Strugnell
Greater Europe Mission (G.E.M.) / Bob Evans
Hal Webb Evangelistic Association / Hal Webb
Impact Christian Communications, LTD / Andrew Goh (Impact Magazine, Singapore)
Interaction / Dave C. Pollock, Jimmy Di Raddo
International Needs / Ray Harrison
International Students / Bob Finley
International Youth Foundation / Rick Little
Institute for American Church Growth / Budd Arn
Ken Anderson Films / Ken Anderson
LCM, Inc. / LaVerne Campbell
Leighton Ford Ministries / Leighton Ford
Lexicon Music, Inc. (Inc. LIGHT) / Ralph Carmichael
Living Waters Circle C © Ranch / Wes Aarum
The Livingstone Corporation / Bruce Barton, Jim Galvin, Dave Veerman
Missionary Flights, Inc. / Don Beldin
Morning Chapel Hour / Wilbur Nelson
Motivational Media Assemblies / Jim Hullihan
National Center for Fathering / Chuck Aycock (co-founder)
National Counseling Resource Center / Wendell Amstutz
New Life (Leves Leben) / Anton Schulte
National Council on Child Abuse & Family Violence / Alan Davis
New Life Publishers (Editora Vida Nova) / Art Brown
(Pioneered in Portugal, Established in Brazil by Russell Shedd)
Orville Butcher Ministries / Orville Butcher
Outreach for Christ Int. - Reachout Singers / Keith Knoff
Outreach of Delaware, Inc. / Ralph Cavanaugh
Overseas Crusades (now OC International) / Dick Hillis
Personal Relationships Inc. / Bob Stone
The ProSource Group / Alan Davis
Quiet Place Ministries / Franklyn Miller
REAP Mission / Kenny Joseph
Reese Research / Ed Reese
Rocky Mountain Lodge / Don Landis
Ron Hutchcraft Ministries / Ron Hutchcraft
Russ Reid Company / Russ Reid
Sakhisizwe Christian Ministries / Sicelo Duze
Samaritan’s Purse / Bob Pierce
Sky Ministries / Bob Simpson
Songtime / John DeBrine
Splendor Productions / Thurlow Spurr
Steve & Maria Ministries, Inc. / Steve &     Maria Gardner
Teamwork International / Rick Englert
Ted Place Ministries / Ted Place
Teen Discovery / Joe Ellis, Jr., Dick Weidner, Chuck Nichols
Teen Missions / Bob Bland
Teen Ranch / Ray Clendenan
Timothy Group / Bob Hobbs, Pat McLaughlin
Tips for Teens and Young World Radio / Mel Johnson
TransWorld Radio / Paul Freed
Veerman & Associates / Ralph Veerman
Venture for Victory Basketball Teams / Don Odle
Venture International / Len Rodgers
Voice of Christian Youth (Milwaukee) / Vic Eliason
Werner Burklin Ministries / Werner Burklin
World Impact / Keith Phillips
Worldwide Leadership Council / Jim Groen
World Opportunities / Roy McKeown
World Servants / Jack Larson
World Thrust / Bill Boerop
World Vision / Bob Pierce
Yeldall Christian Centre (formerly Operation Concern) / Bill Yoder
Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch / Franklin Robbie
Youth Evangelism Association / Al Metsker
Young River Ministries / Rolly Richert
Youth Front / Al Metsker
Youth Guidance, Inc. / James Leckie
Youth Haven Ranches / Morry Carlson
Youth Outreach / Jerry Landrum
Youth Specialties / Mike Yaconelli, Wayne Rice

Compiled September 10, 1993 by Earl Schultz
Revised November 25, 1996

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