The Council of Delegates (COD) is one of three leadership bodies created by the bylaws of YFC/USA.  The powers of the COD can be summarized by three primary roles:  First is to offer field support and ideas with regard to future direction of YFC/USA.  Second is to support the National Board and National President of YFC/USA by providing feedback and support from the field leaders on issues and concerns.  The third is to provide a check and balance to the other leadership bodies as keepers of the corporate bylaws.  Finally, it is the goal of the COD to work with a spirit of humility, unity and Godliness as we strive to achieve our part of the mission of YFC.

Central States

  • Derek Jacobsen, YFC North Iowa 
  • Greg Gudal, YFC South Central Minnesota 
  • Scott Anderson, YFC Central Minnesota 
  • Gilbert Hernandez, YFC San Antonio
  • Ron Riemersma, YFC Badgerland
  • Troy Gunderson, YFC James Valley
  • Ryan Dougherty, YFC Northern Colorado
  • Alex Matthew, YFC Serving Kansas City
  • Karl VanCura, YFC Siouxland

Great Lakes

  • Dan Learned, YFC Peoria
  • Dan Kregel, YFC West Michigan (COD Vice Chair)
  • Scott Arnold, YFC Central Ohio
  • Ali King, YFC Central Indiana (COD Chair)
  • Rick Selk, YFC South Pointe

Pacific NW

  • Bobby Arkills, YFC Tacoma
  • Kevin Rainey, YFC Eastern Oregon
  • Craig Dickinson, Lane County YFC


  • Gary Grecco, YFC Mason Dixon
  • Chris Thompson, YFC Metro Pittsburgh 
  • Jerry Major, YFC Northeast Pennsylvania
  • Kevin Post, YFC Capital District
  • Craig Muller, YFC Long Island 

Southern States

  • Mike Chaplinsky, YFC Suncoast
  • Mike Green, YFC Tuscaloosa
  • Aaron Stokes, YFC Greater Greensboro
  • Jeff Shicks, Nashville YFC

SW States

  • Jeremiah Vik, YFC Imperial Valley
  • Rick Fritzemeier, YFC Central Valley

At Large Members

  • Brian Walls - Great Lakes Region
  • Jason Currie - Central States Region
  • Louis Chaney - Southern States Region
  • Mark Moyer - Central States Region (COD Secretary)
  • Chuck Skarin - Central States Region
  • Don Leader - Great Lakes Region
  • Jake Bland - National Service Center
  • Jeff Randell - Central States Region
  • Andre Lewis - Pacific Northwest Region
  • Frank Passetti - Eastern States Region
  • Tayna Taylor - Southern States Region
  • Nina Edwards - National Service Center
  • JJ Vancil - Pacific Northwest Region
  • Roger Vezeau - Great Lakes Region
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