Camila at age 27 is raising funds for Brazil YFC out of Sao Paulo. She grew up in Brasilia. At age 15 she realized that she had a selfish view of God. She then accepted Jesus into her life because she knew it was "what Jesus can do for me, rather than what I can do for Jesus." Then her thinking changed to “what can I do through Jesus.” She and her sister organized a Bible club in her school. As a teenager she started sharing her faith with others and wanted to help missionaries. But she didn’t want to go to Africa. In 2011 she discovered that she is a fund-raiser, so as part of the YFC staff, she organizes projects and campaigns to help the ministry. She is teaching people how to be generous and to be good stewards of the resources God has given them. She uses relationships as the most important tool in her fund-raising.

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