Chuck came into YFC in 1973 full-time in Minneapolis. In 1981 he became the Executive Director in Mankato MN. In 1988 he worked with YFCI and then in 2006 changed over to work with YFC/USA and the YFC Foundation. He acquired Melanoma and had to quit YFC in 2011 to receive treatment. Here he tells how he coordinated the 1990 YFCI Convocation in Nairobi Kenya. Due to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait just before the Convo, we had to get special permission from the President of Kenya to let our delegates from 55 nations enter the country. Gerry Gallimore from Jamaica was elected President at that Convo. Chuck tells about his bout with a super-aggressive melanoma, which developed into Stage 4. Mayo Clinic in Minnesota treated him. At one point he had three tumors and he was not expected to live long enough to leave the hospital. But later he had a PET Scan, and the doctor was incredulous that there was no cancer anywhere. Chuck knew why! God did it!

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